Follow My Health

The St. Clair Hospital and St. Clair Medical Services Patient Portal, Follow My Health, helps you manage your health information by providing immediate online access. Patients can: 

  • View their test results from any St. Clair visit.
  • Print discharge instructions and patient education materials following a hospital stay;
  • Organize their home medications;
  • Log steps and mood activity;
  • Track and update their list of allergies, immunizations and health conditions;
  • Add scheduled appointments to their personal calendar; 

Steps to set-up your personal account:

1) You will be asked to provide an email address when you present as a patient. An email with instructions on how to enroll will be sent to you.

2) You can go directly to the portal website by visiting and begin your enrollment there. You will be asked to provide a practice specific invitation code. If you do not have the invitation code, please call the practice directly. 

Questions & Answers:

Q: Who can participate?

A: Patients ages 18 and older. 

Q: Can I access information for my elderly parent / child?

A: An Adult Proxy Authorization consent form must be signed first. Call the Medical Records Department at 412.942.1102 or your practice directly and request that the form be sent to you. Complete the form and return it to Medical Records. Once we receive the completed form, we will contact you to complete the sign-up process.

Q: Who do I contact for help?

A: For help, please call 412.942.7600 or email [email protected].